Robin Squires VFX Course Diary: WEEK 4

Robin Squires VFX Course Diary: WEEK 4

Having started a VFX course here at Escape Studios, I've been keeping a diary to share how I’m getting on so far. And here's an update on week four.

Day sixteen:
No Monday blues because we are straight into NURBS and animation. What a fun project working with dynamics! As an exercise towards this, we animated a paperclip chain swinging and breaking off.

Day seventeen:
Modelling today was fun. We made an old fashioned computer mouse and I learnt to fillet and trim today with a bit of software crashing thrown in for good measure... I can picture Maya users reading this with a knowing nod!

Day eighteen:
Today was the toughest day so far. We all worked on ambient occlusion and learnt how to make render layers. Lots to learn...wish I'd taken better notes today.

Day nineteen:
Final gathering! This was a morning full of facts and settings we need to learn. This will help me illuminate my project. Afternoons this week have been project focussed and I'm making good headway. Small class sizes allow for rapid support from teacher and studio assistants. We are working 6 students per expert, but we also have each other to remind us of what we learnt already.

Day twenty:
Global illumination and caustics. More lighting, essential for photo realism. Happy to be learning this while I'm at this stage on my project. Everything is going great today and what an exciting way to end the working week.

In case you missed week three in this series of blogs, take a look here.

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