Robin Squires VFX Course Diary: WEEK 3

Robin Squires VFX Course Diary: WEEK 3

Having just started a VFX course here at Escape Studios, I've been keeping a diary to share how I’m getting on so far. And here's an update on week three.

Day eleven:
Worked on lighting today. Lots to learn as this plays a huge part in making an object believable and photorealistic. Used a model of a head as the illuminated object and saw what a difference the right lighting can make.

Day twelve:
Had talks about our class projects today. Anxious about where to start, but was assured we would all be guided through every stage of the project by the teaching staff, so felt more confident about this task and planned out what I needed to do and when.

Day thirteen:
Not a photographer, so was really grateful to be walked through how to take shots for reference planes. Also had a lighting and texturing exercise today, with good results.

Day fourteen:
Took photographs of the object I will model for my project and got the go ahead on my proposal. Was hoping to bring them into Maya and start work on it today, but ran out of time. It seems to be one problem after another today and I think it's all down to working on my own equipment at home, which I fear may be a little inferior compared to what I work with at Escape. But I persevere!

Day fifteen:
Today we worked on our class projects again. I overcame the technical problems I'd been having through sheer perseverance. I found my reference images were distorted and unusable due to being in perspective. My solution was to stand further away and shoot smaller photos and enlarge them on the computer. It worked and I cracked on. Just how much I had learnt came to light in working on this project. I raced ahead and finished my model in a single day with some help from my peers sat beside me who offered lots of advice and help covering things I'd forgotten but they'd remembered. In turn, I hope I can contribute help to them in due course. Really was my best day so far. Loving my time at Escape! It's such a good supportive environment, really glad to be here.

In case you missed week two in this series of blogs, take a look here.

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