Robin Squires VFX Course Diary - WEEK 2

Robin Squires VFX Course Diary - WEEK 2

Having just started the VFX for Production course here at Escape Studios, I've been keeping a diary to share how the course is going for me so far. And here's an update on week two. The class is truly in full swing, and when it came to writing my diary, it seemed to be over before I knew it had started. Time flies when you're having fun!

Day six:
Modelled a human head today. Used many techniques we already covered and a few new ones. A few errors occurred but turned out to be in my favour as I learnt how to fix them. Gideon (our tutor) said "errors are good...there's more to learn when things go wrong".

Day seven:
Started to model a p51 Mustang plane today from scratch. Used orthographic reference material, which was good as I think I'll be using it a lot in the future. This all came very naturally and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Day eight:
Continued on the plane. Saw how many enjoyable hours can fly by when refining a low poly model. If this is a sign of things to come I'll enjoy my new career.

Day nine:
Finished the plane and learnt about UVs again in more detail. Was interesting and there was plenty to learn. I feel like a sponge this week. I'm beginning to predict the next move on some of the projects and I feel at home in front of Maya now. Put a UV map on a model of a car and tweaked the UVs to stop distortion of the map. It's a real art.

Day ten:
Worked on another human head model and another plane. I know this isn't the main part of the course but it's really good to have covered it twice already. Learnt more about UVs and got to 'UV' part of a tuk tuk, p51 Mustang and the head.

In case you missed week 1 in this series of blogs, take a look here.

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