Robin Squires VFX Course Diary: Week 12, Final week!

Robin Squires VFX Course Diary: Week 12, Final week!

Having started a VFX course here at Escape Studios, I’m keeping a diary to share with you on how the course is going. Here's my update from my final week!

Day 56

I can't believe I've reached the final week already! It's all project work now and mine is coming along well. I spent all day rendering my model and it’s not going so bad. I saved loads of time by using my final gather map and reducing the overall size of the render.

Day 57

Tweaked the roto and neatened it up a bit. Time consuming, but worthwhile!

Day 58

Everything is finished and I'm finding myself in need of something to keep me busy. I'm really finding myself at a loose end and desperate to start my next project. Studio assistant Fab showed me a few tricks in nuke and I decided to use one of them on my project, so I rewrote the .mov file and it’s made a nice subtle difference.

Day 59

Showed my work to everyone and got great feedback. Everybody is really supportive and we can call on each other’s help now. I'm really impressed by everyone's projects.

Day 60

Presentation time. There was a real buzz going around today and the computers have maybe never been worked so hard. The work was amazing from each class and really inspiring to see. Everybody did a cracking job and the standard seems really high. The feedback was really useful and I know what to change for my showreel. Escape was a real delight and I'll score them 10/10 on every count. My friends are thinking about getting into VFX after hearing how much fun I've been having. I never expected so much to come from 12 short weeks. TD next or employment...something for me to think hard about. I am confident I am employable now but I'd love to learn the cool stuff taught on the TD course. I'm an Escapee and I even have the t-shirt!

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