Robin Squires VFX Course Diary: Week 10!

Robin Squires VFX Course Diary: Week 10!

Having started a VFX course here at Escape Studios, I’m keeping a diary to share with you on how the course is going. Here's my update from week ten!

Day 46

Today we learnt Mia materials. At the end of the lesson I wondered how I haven't used them until now as they're really useful and can be set to any material, I think. Really good lesson and was explained in detail with time to make notes and a practical exercise on creating glass with extra detail on photorealistic reflections.

Day 47

Photometrics today. We learnt how to import the settings for lights, into maya, from manufacturers websites to save time trying to adjust until correct. We also learnt how to create our own lights too in newly taught software. Really fun lesson. We were taught how to create 'god rays' and other lighting effects such as smoke filled rooms. We had time to look at Mia layered shaders too and I had watched this tutorial on Escapes Elearning webpage so I pushed on with project work until we learnt about caustics again. I found this so useful because I got to further understand this subject, which will definitely crop up in future projects.

Day 48

Today was an introduction to rigid body dynamics. Brilliant lesson with lots of fun exercises. We made vehicles and used interactive playback to drive them crashing through objects. Really realistic forces make for good play.

Day 49

Project Work. Making final adjustments to my geometry and praying for a good backplate.

Day 50

nDynamics today. Focus on nCloth and nConstraints. This, again, will be really useful in future work and the lesson went into great detail and was simple to follow. I feel I know enough to use this from now on and felt a sense of achievement at the end of the lesson.

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