Robin Squires VFX Course Diary - WEEK 1

Robin Squires VFX Course Diary - WEEK 1

Having just started the VFX for Production course here at Escape Studios, I've been keeping a diary to share how the course is going for me so far. And here's the first week.

Day one:
I'm nervous about meeting everybody and starting something unfamiliar! All nerves disappear the minute teaching begins because everything is explained in detail and is coming at such a rapid pace. Was thrilled to be learning all software commands and keyboard shortcuts straight away.

Day two:
Finding my way around the software quite well and nerves don't play a part anymore. Everyone is really nice, staff and students alike, which will make the next 12 weeks a joyful experience, I think.

Day three:
The teacher’s industry experience shines brightly & a seemingly endless flow of wise tips are being passed along to us while we learn. I find I am learning by copying and I worried it was not sinking in but when I got home and my wife asked what I had learnt I was able to make a dancing wine bottle ... already!

Day four:
Been modelling complicated objects and produced efficient models. I panicked a bit at lunch and asked for a bit of extra help because I didn't understand some of what was being taught, but the staff were really kind and offered to provide one to one support after the class, which really put my mind at ease and made everything clear. In doing this I realised I had misheard some of what was being said during the class, and it all makes more sense now.

Day five:
I can't believe how much we are all learning in such a short space of time! I watched a few online tutorials by Escape last night. They contain supporting files and models, which make learning so much easier. Got into some complicated texturing and environment issues today but I was told we would cover the same topic again, as we have with other things I learnt. I find when something previously taught crops up on a new project it gives me the chance to practice and this is my ideal way of learning. I'm impressed by this course. It's fast but it's thorough.

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