Robert Holmes takes time out to talk about his career to date

It’s always great to find out how escapees get on after their training and enter the world of work. Last week, we met up with ex-student Robert Holmes out at SIGGRAPH. Since his time at Escape, Rob’s gone on to work on some amazing projects at The Mill. He took time to tell us how he got his break and what’s needed to be successful in this industry.

“Escape played a big part in helping me land my first freelance role for a company called Th1ng, down in Soho. I got great feedback on my showreel during the interview – a lot of the work I’d done tied in closely with what was expected on the job. I was able to hit the ground running, working on brands like Kwik-fit and Dairylea early on, and then got to work on the opening credits for Sweeney Todd and Vantage Point.

My next job was at Rushes and one of the producers there had moved onto The Mill and recommended me for a freelance role. That’s where I am today and am proud to have got to work on some of the most cutting edge CG creations – the Nike ad springs to mind as one of my personal favourites.

Looking back I’d say that there are many different factors that got me to where I am today, including having the right training, a strong show reel and getting introduced to the right people. Escape’s links with the industry really helped for that.

For anyone wanting to get feedback on their show reel or even stand the chance of winning a top training course, it’s well worth taking a look at the CG Graduate Design Awards.”

For more details on the competition visit our youtube page. The closing date for submissions has now been extended to 16th August. 

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