Riding the storm

Riding the storm

Helen Hunt ain’t got nothin’ on me…

Some of you may remember my previous blog anticipating a rather hectic conclusion to last week, with a Graduation, an Open Day and One-Day Taster Courses all in the space of three days my feet hardly touched the ground!

Well, I’m pleased to say it all went without a hitch and I survived - just.

Beer and conversation were flowing well on Wednesday night as we celebrated with our new batch of Escapees in the Breakout Space. Spirits got particularly high as the guys posed for their all-important ‘mug-shot’ against our signature height chart, as is demonstrated rather well below…

Looking good Declan!

Thursday and Friday saw us fill three studios with sold-out Taster Courses and I'm pleased to say that I was among the lucky ones who got to try out the Compositing Course on Friday. I had great fun working on a Dr Who scene in Nuke, learning about slap-comping, pre-multiplication, Nodes and RGB chanels. I don’t think I’ll be pursuing a professional career in 2D but at least I’ll be able to understand some of the conversations I overhear in the BOS now!

After a well-earned rest over the weekend we were straight back into it yesterday morning, welcoming two brand new groups to our VFX and Compositing Courses, so another set of new faces and new names to try to remember, bring it on!

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