Rhythm & Hues: Effects Apprentice Program

Rhythm & Hues: Effects Apprentice Program

Calling all escapee's and graduates... An opportunity to be part of this amazing apprentice program in California!

Here is an extract from their website which explains how it all works:

The R&H Apprentice Program is designed to give participants the opportunity to gain valuable production experience and the chance to work with a talented group of dedicated professionals in a collaborative, energetic environment. This program is designed to identify candidates who may be suitable for entry-level Technical Director positions in our studio.  Ideal participants will be recently graduated artists and technical people with superior skills and potential.

The Effects Apprentice Program will be 3 weeks in duration with the first half consisting of training, the second half on a simulated production, and ending with an evaluation. They will be looking for your attention to visual detail. You will work with their best artists and supervisors to learn how they create images through a combination of formal classroom instruction and informal collaboration. You will be using Houdini as well as being trained on their in-house proprietary simulation and rendering tools. While some participants may be extended as long-term freelance artists after evaluation, participation in the R&H Apprentice Program does not guarantee employment within the company. This is a paid apprentice program. Housing is supplied for out of town apprentices. Online Submissions are preferred but not required.  If you know of anyone who wants to apply, please have them visit their website here.

Deadline for the Applications is May 6th 2011.

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