Resonance Screening a Resounding Success

Resonance Screening a Resounding Success

Last week we welcomed Simon Jones from SR Partners to Escape Studios London HQ to show our students his recent collaborative work entitled - Resonance.

After marvelling at the video online we were thrilled that he found the time to visit and give our escapees a brief talk about the inception, production and delivery of the film. It was an inspiring afternoon, and we would like to thank him and collaborator, Glen Yeoh from Momentary People, for their time and insight.

Simon graduated from university a few years ago and has been forging his career as a freelance Cinema 4D animator since, often working on commercial projects with little or no room for creative freedom. It was his desire to gain this liberty and create a more experimental piece that became the catalyst to the inception of Resonance.

After having a few beers with an audio designer friend one Friday night, they had the idea to create a collaborative piece matching the visual skills of the animator with the audio talents of the sound designer, using the abstract concept of geometry to combine them.

When discussing the project with his contacts on Vimeo the idea began snowballing, as more and more motion graphics and audio artists became interested in joining. He then felt emboldened to approach companies he once revered as VFX idols, and found them to be not only approachable but also keen to collaborate.

Simon & Glen after presenting Resonance at Escape Studios.

Simon was eager to stress to our students that the Visual Effects industry is a small one and in general people are very friendly and keen to support new and exciting projects, especially when it allows them to indulge their creative passions unfettered by client guidelines.

Escape’s Paul Wilkes agreed and was glad that students should see the benefits of producing individual creativity aside from course work, which is often focused on demonstrating specific skills designed to slot into commercial pipelines. Because although this is enough to gain an entry level position in the Visual Effects industry, creativity and imagination are the individual qualities needed to progress and excel.

Amply demonstrated by Simon who after producing Resonance, not only made great new friends and contacts in the business, but he’s also had a steady stream of new clients requesting he work on their projects. One of them even referenced his own film Resonance in a brief, requesting if he might be able to produce something similar!

In this way, his entrepreneurial imagination has set him up as an influencer who will go on to shape the future aesthetic of commercial projects.

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