Reporting Back on HP7 in 3D

Reporting Back on HP7 in 3D

Last weeks I wrote about Harry Potter and asked you whether or not you would be watching the last instalment it in 3D (The Harry Potter finale: 2D or 3D?). Many of you replied back through Facebook and on this blog – thanks to all of you who took the time to do so.

It seems that the majority of you were going to watch it in 2D – although there were some die-hard aficionados who were adamant they were going to watch it in 3D.

Well, I went to see it last Friday, in 3D…! OK, so I’ll be honest with all of you, it wasn’t my choice, but I left it to my husband to book the tickets… Beggars can’t be choosers! The first thing I should say is that the film was immensely enjoyable and by far the best HP. To all those involved in the making of it, I not only say “Congratulations” but also “Thank You”! I loved it.

As for the 3D, well, I am still not convinced. As per previous occasions, I felt dizzy as I walked out of the theatre, and a headache was slowly creeping. I have the feeling that 3D is making my eyes and brain do something that they simply don’t want to do.

It probably isn’t helped by the fact that I wear glasses, and frankly, 3D glasses on top of normal glasses simply don’t work. Ok, so I could have worn contact lenses, but I normally go to the cinema at night, and by that time, I have worn my contacts for more than 10 hours. At which point, they feel like they are glued to my eyeballs, and I simply can’t wait to take the damn things off. Add to this the drying air of the air-conditioned theatre, and you’ll understand why it isn’t that pleasant an experience.

Unsurprisingly, I am not the only one to feel that way. I was watching the usual BBC Click program at the weekend and they actually covered this very topic. Quite an interesting little piece as it happens. You can view it on BBC iPlayer here – that’s if you are in the UK of course, because the BBC is still insisting on limiting the iPlayer facility to those who live over here I am afraid. The program is quite long, but if you fast-forward to about 8 minutes in, you’ll be able to watch the piece about 3D.

The BBC article ends on a very valid point that some people can’t actually see 3D… Our own Lee Danskin was talking to me about this very thing earlier on in the week. I wonder how the inexorable commercial push for 3D is going to affect these people.

Are any of you similarly affected?

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