Recommended Animation Books

I have been asked by a number of Webinar Attendees about what books I would recommend for animation. So I thought I would give you a list of all the ones I have.

Illusion of Life - Frank Thomas & Ollie Johnston
Great book on principles and history of animation. Considered by many as the bible of animation

The Animator's Survival Kit - John Williams
A fabulous resource for both traditional animation and 3D.

Stop Staring - Jason Osipa
A good resource about lip syncing and facial modelling.

Acting for Animators - Ed Hooks
Provides ways of thinking about how to approach a scene from the acting side of things.

Drawn to Life - Walt Stanchfield
A collection of notes from a long time Disney Instructor.

Simplified Drawing for Planning Animation - Wayne Gilbert  (
How to draw story board if you aren't a good artist.

I hope that helps... If I run across any other good animation books I'll let you know.

Happy animating!


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Tue 24 Nov 2009: 8:24am

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  • Anirudh:

    There are many books from Preston Blair which are absolutely gold!

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