Real-Time Path Tracing Bunny

Real-Time Path Tracing Bunny

Want to see a demo of how computer games will look in the not too distant future? You are in luck. Here is a big breakdancing bunny courtesy of Samuel Lapere. Forgive us, the quality isn't great but it's still pretty phenomenal.

Lapere is a graphics developer at OTOY, working on the holy CG grail of real-time photorealistic graphics. This big breakdancing bunny was created using Brigade 2 real-time path tracing technology and the new Blinn shader. Take a look at the video and screenshots to see how far Lapere has come. The renders almost look like photographs!!

And just think no more waiting for renders… if only!!

To keep up-to-date on his progress check in on Samuel Lapere’s blog.

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mark spevick
Mon 14 May 2012: 12:00pm

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  • rusty:

    Cool post! Amazing how far we've come. Never thought I would see real-time path tracing before 2020.

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