Ready, Set, Design.

Ready, Set, Design.

Set design is a real passion of mine, and I recently found this great video on the film club website, even though I’m a 3D artist I thoroughly enjoy seeing real models

The host of the video, ‘Film Club’, is a fantastic charity educating and transforming life through film, they set up film clubs in both Primary and Secondary schools across the UK.

This particular video is of a rather inspirational talk from art director Chris Lowe, and answers the question; how does a big blockbuster come together? Often when watching something on the big screen we are left in awe of how a team of people even began to create such a set, and using some of his models from one of his more recent projects 2012’s smash hit Skyfall, he talks students through the process of set creation using to scale models.

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Simon Fenton
Thu 23 May 2013: 12:13pm

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    Nice post. lovely design. Thanks for sharing it.

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