Ready For RenderMan 4.0?

Ready For RenderMan 4.0?

As of today RenderMan Studio on our Tech Store will be changing to make way for RenderMan Studio 4.0 with the beta version due for release soon.

With the release of Disney and Pixar's Brave in August and RenderMan’s use on many blockbuster movies so far this year, we're looking forward to seeing what the new RenderMan Studio will bring.

So here's the short of the changes in Studio 4.0:

  • RenderMan for Maya is now combined into RenderMan Studio 4.0. So if you are a RFM user you will need to upgrade before RM 4.0 is released.
  • RenderMan Studio 4.0 now includes a fully functional embedded renderer.
  • RenderMan 4.0 will introduce the latest rendering technology development with RenderMan Pro Server 17.0, significant advances in ray tracing and integrated shaders in Maya and Slim shader editor.
  • It will include new capabilities like Dynamic Shader Binding, new RenderMan library materials for Maya and expanded RIB archiving

Along with this information release from Pixar, there has also been a change in the pricing for RenderMan Studio 3.0 to make the transition for RFM users a little easier. Check out the new pricing on our website and keep an eye out for RenderMan 4.0 coming soon!

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