Reach for La Luna

Reach for La Luna

Ever since escapee Afonso Salcedo aka @fonziewonzie, tweeted about a cool Pixar Short animation he worked on called La Luna, I had been extremely keen to see this gem.

This short movie has recently gained even more mystique, now it has been nominated for an Oscar in the Best Animated Short Film category. So you can imagine I was over the moon, when our General Manager Mark Cass, sent around an email to all at Escape Studios, announcing a special screening of La Luna.

This nocturnal tale of a young boy who accompanies his father, and grandfather on their unusual night time job is directed by Enrico Casarosa (@sketchcrawl), and will be shown before Pixar’s much anticipated summer feature release, Brave.

Because Pixar’s RenderMan channel manager Peter Moxom was in London on business, he gained permission from the powers that be in California, to allow a screening to inspire the staff and students at Escape on a cold February afternoon.

We don’t want to give away any spoilers about the story, but it’s safe to say the film follows in Pixar’s fine tradition of short movies. It doesn’t have the wicked, comedic gags of For the Birds (one of my favourites), instead the director has sought a more gentle sense of humour with a fairy tale quality, and childlike wonderment at the mysteries of the moon.

In a short Q & A session after the screening, Peter explained to the audience how the technology at Pixar was tested in the production of the short programme, and how advancements such a Point Based Colour Bleeding are developed, as well as the Point Based Illumination that was used to produce the stunning luminosity in the render.

Peter Moxom introduces the film to an eager audience.

Peter generously handed out Pixar's RenderMan Walking Teapots and caps to those who asked the best questions, and made it clear that getting job at Pixar, although difficult, was not impossible.

But all escapees watching knew this, for their stellar predecessor Afonso Salcedo had proved it.

So the message is clear: Reach for the Moon.

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  • Marc:

    Wow - what an amazing opportunity! Very exciting indeed.

  • henry dobson:

    Kinda looks like Laika's Moongirl. hmmm.

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