Ray Harryhausen - A VFX Legend.

Ray Harryhausen - A VFX Legend.

Very sad to hear that VFX legend Ray Harryhausen passed away yesterday, at the grand age of 92. Harryhausen created such films as Jason and the Argonauts (1963) and The Clash of the Titans (1981).

He created his models by hand and shot them frame by frame to create some of the best known battle sequences in 20th century cinema. An official announcement from the Ray Harryhausen Foundation was released yesterday “Harryhausen's genius was in being able to bring his models alive… whether they were prehistoric dinosaurs or mythological creatures, in Ray's hands they were no longer puppets but became instead characters in their own right”

As well as inspiring such legendary directors as Steven Spielberg, James Cameron and Peter Jackson (to name a few) he also inspired a whole generation of VFX artists, and we can’t keep count of how many people we speak to who have entered VFX because they wanted to make skeletons fight! Thanks for the inspiration Mr Harryhausen, rest in peace!

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