Quite recently, on an app store quite close to you...

Quite recently, on an app store quite close to you...

In the run up to this year’s E3, it's safe to say that all eyes are on the world of gaming. Microsoft and Sony will be filling in the details about their new consoles (did you know the Xbox One plays TV?) as we fire into the next generation of interactive entertainment. So with the internet reporting on every mild rumour or leak that concerns games, it’s a bit surprising to see that KOTOR returned with absolutely no fanfare whatsoever.

Knights of the Old Republic, for those of you living in caves, was one of the original Xbox's best games. A giant RPG set in the Star Wars universe, it allowed the player to craft an original character and guide them through an original story set 4000 years before the movies. It paved the way for games like Mass Effect, Dragon Age and the wildly popular Old Republic MMO, and stands up well today - if you can find a platform to play it on.

Well, Apple fans, now you have one, as last week KOTOR was released on iPhone and iPad. Early reviews say the port is fantastic apart from a few control issues, and as a huge fan of this series I urge you to buy it immediately. Not only was it one of the best games of its generation, it has one of the first jaw-dropping moments I've ever experienced in a game (don't read the internet for spoilers, just play it and find out!).

It's only £7 guys. I'll find it hard not to buy an iPad myself just to play this! Go on! May the force be with you! 

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Mon 3 Jun 2013: 5:36pm

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