Quantum Hoax

Quantum Hoax

When five students from the Centre NAD University in Montreal Canada were given a film project, to create a viral hoax using CG assets integrated into live action footage, they could scarcely have predicted the success their movie would be.

With over 2.5 million views on YouTube alone, numerous blog posts and countless Facebook shares and tweets, there is no doubt their film went viral. I was one of many who initially believed the story, and it was only after a more sceptical, and experienced eagle-eyed VFX colleague spotted discrepancies on the shadow pass, was my bubble burst.

Perhaps my wanting to believe such an audacious idea could be real was my undoing, and why I didn't immediately cry hoax, but I was drawn in because the ingenious five students had a cunning plan....

Their recipe for viral success began with posing as the Japan (Advanced) Institute of Science and Technology. The students then cleverly jumped onto the bandwagon of recent scientific videos from Tel-Aviv University, demonstrating how Quantum Levitation is possible using a phenomenon called Quantum ‘Trapping’.

They then added every body's favourite 90’s PlayStation game Wipeout to the viral equation, stirred in some poor acting and set construction, then mixed up all the ingredients with some nifty CG and VFX jiggery-pokery, and hey presto another viral sensation is born.

Hats off to the students for such an imaginative response to the project, and we trust they got top marks from their tutors for this project. Maybe the boffins at Tel Aviv University saw the video and will soon make the Quantum Wipeout vision a reality, but we suspect it will take some time before the Quantum Trapping technology is available for entertainment purposes.

A project of this kind is no doubt a lot of fun, and obviously this innovation can be indulged over the course of a three year degree, however, if you are unable to afford this luxury, but would still like to learn the skills involved, perhaps a more focused approach would suit you.

You will not only learn CG modelling, and camera tracking on our VFX Production course you’ll be able to create showreel ready shots after 12 weeks, just contact our training team and they’ll be happy to advise you.

After all, building sets in the studio and dressing up in lab coats acting as scientists, that we see in the reveal video is all great fun, but it's the pure pipeline skills of CG modelling and camera tracking that will make your showreel, and ultimately get you the job in the VFX industry.


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Toby Young
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  • dan:

    love it. i watched this video last night, i wanted to believe. i was mostly convinced, but had some thoughts in the back of my mind about the suspicious nitrogen vapour coming from the vehicles. i'm sure though it would be entirely possible to reproduce for real.

    in any case, the skills of the students are impressive.

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