• Victor Perez

Python Tips and Tricks

Victor Perez was born to work in VFX. Celebrated by everyone he works with, Victor is an incredibly skilled Compositor with a broad knowledge of the production and post-production processes. His passion for compositing has been described as ‘infectious’, as he lends his knowledge to new ideas, alternative methods and innovative solutions. 

This November, Victor will share some of his top tips and tricks when working with Python in NUKE. Having studied our Compositing for Production course back in 2009, Victor has gone on to master NUKE to a highly professional level. Voted this year’s second most valuable nukepedia.com contributor, and one of the first official Nuke Certified trainers, Victor has prepared a webinar to show you what’s possible when you apply Python scripting to a project. Discussing the power that Python offers NUKE users, Victor will explain the unique design philosophy and code readability that lets compositors work more efficiently and integrate NUKE operations more effectively.

Join us for this essential webinar, perfect for anyone looking to bring their NUKE fluency to the next level. To see an almost immediate improvement in your productivity, this is a webinar not to be missed.


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Webinar details

This webinar took place on November 19th, 2012.