Putting The "New" in PFTrack and PFMatchit

Putting The "New" in PFTrack and PFMatchit

We are pleased to share you that The Pixel Farm products PFTrack and PFMatchit are now available on the Escape Studios Technology Store.

PFTrack is a 3D camera tracking and match-moving software that includes a node-based flowgraph architecture, geometry tracking and a MOCAP solver. It is the go-to for some big names in the media and entertainment industry like Sony Imageworks, The Mill, Cinesite and the BBC.
Similarly PFMatchit provides high quality match-moving and camera tracking capabilities to every CG artist’s desktop. PFMatchit includes an innovative 2D and 3D tracking toolset, metadata management core and integrates efficiently with PFTrack.

To find out more or to get your hands on these new products, contact our technology team.

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Tim Flett
Mon 23 Jul 2012: 11:00am

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