Prometheus - Inside and Out

Prometheus - Inside and Out

Framestore has partnered with Secret Cinema to create enhanced viewing's of Scott's Prometheus. Secret Cinema has always been known to think outside the box when it comes to how films can be screened, with this box office smash being no different.

As a build up to a film screening, Secret Cinema's aim is to create a different type of cinema experience through the use of alternative 'build ups' at secret locations across London, Framestore’s digital creative director, Mike Woods, claimed they wanted to make the screenings of Prometheus an experience that was ‘immersive, innovative and [full of] interactive visual effects’.

How did they do this, you may ask? Well, following on from the sci-fi theme of Prometheus, Framestore developed a ‘pseudo medical X-ray scanner’ using Xbox’s Kinect cameras for people to engage with, along with creating landing films, giant movie wallpaper’s and 3D maps based on ground plans of the event’s secret locations.

The events were all incredibly successful, with over 25,000 people requesting to be involved. It’s really interesting to see how cinema has evolved over the years, with the experiences now becoming both engaging and interactive. We really can’t wait to see what Secret Cinema pulls out the bag next, but for now, if you want even more information on the Prometheus screenings then please click here.

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  • Daryl Mc Mahon:

    Hope you all did like the link, i see it on the fb page by Davi. Also guys you can view more making off films by clicking here:

    Keep an eye out on it i feel batman might turn up soon. And we might even get to see how the football field was blown up.

  • Daryl Mc Mahon:

    Hi guys if you want to see the making of Prometheus check out this link. It shows you in detail how they went from the scratch to develop the astonishing visuals such as the ships and the world, enjoy.

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