Project Green Screen!

Project Green Screen!

Most film lovers out there will be well vested in the work of legendary director and writer, Robert Rodriguez, and especially if you’re a fan of the grindhouse double bill, then it’s fair to assume that you are probably an owner of at least one Rodriguez DVD.

Well, here is a project for all you budding actors and grindhouse lovers that will make you an even bigger fan, a) for its originality, and b) for the fact that it’ll give you a chance to work with the man himself!

The task is simple, and can be completed in 3 steps

Step 1. Watch the Two Scoops scene into which your performance may be edited forever

Step 2. Shoot a video of your performance as the Agent

Step 3. Upload your performance video to YouTube, and then post the link here by April 3

The winner, chosen by Rodriguez and his team will be in the film! Green screened in as shown on the original scene. Good luck, soon to be film stars! 

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Mon 25 Mar 2013: 4:04pm

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