Professional VFX & Compositing Freelancers Are in High Demand

Are you looking for a job in the CG Industry? Here at Escape Studios Recruitment, we’ve never been busier. It’s a great time for the UK Post-Production industry and we have been inundated with requests for professional artists.

Many companies are basking in the success of their 2011 CG accolades - Double Negative winning an Oscar for their outstanding achievements in VFX and Framestore winning a VES for their contribution to Dobby in HP7.  It’s fair to say that the UK market is booming. What’s great about this is that there is a genuine shortage of VFX freelancers – so, if you are one, there is more than enough work to keep you occupied.

Our jobs board is packed at the moment and has positions ranging from Senior Nuke Compositors, TD’s, Maya Generalist and Motion Graphics Artists. All of the jobs are with some of the biggest names in the business – our clients include The Mill, MPC, Framestore, Partizan, Th1ng – and that’s just naming a few.

If you’re an experienced compositors, Maya Generalist, Match-Mover, TD or Motion Graphic Artist, we would love to hear from you! Send your show reel today.

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Garreth Gaydon
Tue 12 Apr 2011: 8:24am

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  • Gary Abrehart:

    Thanks for those tips Garreth which has helped me focus. Since I have trained at Animation Mentor and done fair bit of modelling I think the route that I should pursue is match-moving which will allow me to comp my animations into real-life footage.

    Talking of which I have done your course in PFTrack so I'll be adding some stuff soon. I hear that you can book an appointment to discuss work is this a service you offer?

  • Garreth Gaydon:

    Hi Gary,
    It really depends on your personal preference, while the positions you mentioned are very much in demand I always recommend that artists move into an area that they are really passionate about.
    I always encourage artists to expand their skill sets to make them more of an attractive prospect to future employers. The key is to make them relevant to your existing skills, for example I encourage animators to explore Character Modeling and Rigging, areas that can supplement your existing animation skills. Think carefully about choosing a different path just because there is demand in that area at the moment, at the end of the day it is what you are going to be doing for most of your working week so make sure it is something you are going to enjoy.

  • Gary Abrehart:


    Would you say I be better off abandoning my pursuit of a career as an animator and turning my sights to that of a compositor/roto/match-moving artist?

    This conundrum does have me in a constant dither…

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