Princess Leia, a true Disney Princess?

Princess Leia, a true Disney Princess?

I think it’s fair to say that a huge amount of young girls, at one point or another have shared the dream of being a Disney Princess. Given this fact, one would imagine it’d be a celebrated occasion to see another Princess joining the Disney family.

After the recent commandeering of the Star Wars film franchise, many have come to realise that by default, Princess Leia is now officially, a Disney princess.

Youtube channel ‘AVByte’ seem to be shedding a very Disney-esque light on the situation, and despite their song being a particularly cheerful ditty, I do have quite the gripe with it, being that in this fictional reality, Princess Leia would not receive such a warm welcome, especially given her previous company during the Lucasfilm era.

Youtube user ‘HUSoldier66’ sums up my feelings with the following comment, very much highlighting the contrasting nature of Star wars, with the often idyllic Disney image.

“It's going to be  pretty awkward when the Star Wars villains get introduced to the Disney villains...

Scar: "I killed my brother, blamed it on his son, and took over his position as king. What did YOU do to become evil?"

Vader: "Not much, just murdered countless innocents, including several children, framed a peaceful order for treason, and was reborn into a robotic suit which I only keeps functioning through PURE HATRED”  

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