Prime Focus World launch new web series 'Close Up'

Prime Focus World launch new web series 'Close Up'

Here at Escape Studios, we know how you all enjoy getting to the heart of what makes up a stunning VFX shot. So imagine our delight when hearing that Prime Focus World have just released the first of a new behind-the-scenes web series, ‘Close Up’. And let me tell you, these nuggets of geekiness will not disappoint.

In the first 3-minute episode, Prime Focus World's Jon Thum and Neil Miller explain how they brought the sprawling metropolis of Mega-City One to life for Dredd 3D, discussing the first concept sketches right through to the artistic development of Dredd's sprawling, violent city. Take a look here.

The great news is, this is just the start of much more to come, as the Prime Focus team continue to release featurettes on the making of Dredd 3D, exposing the film’s stereo 3D pre-viz, the stunning Slo-Mo shots and the construction of the CG environments. And for all you Frankenweenie fans, you can look forward to an exclusive featurette coming soon. To keep up to date with all these videos, stay tuned to the Prime Focus World Vimeo channel. We can't wait for the next one!

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