Prime Focus World – Dredd 3D

Prime Focus World – Dredd 3D

Prime Focus World is the VFX house behind another big box office success, delivering 650 stereo VFX shots for “Dredd” in 3D. To put that into perspective for you, that’s 90% of the VFX for the entire movie. What’s more, this was achieved over a 24-week production period. A massive achievement on an epic scale!

The important point to bear in mind is that this production was approached in a slightly different way to anything Prime Focus has done before. For them, the success of this job is down to being involved from the very beginning, where being part of a unique partnership, from script-to-screen, they were closely involved with the filmmakers from as early as pre-production.

Involved with conceptual planning, visual effects, production design and stereo pre-visualisation in prep for the native stereo shoot, Prime Focus made sure they had the best person overseeing it all. Prime Focus VFX Supervisor Jon Thum (Oscar-winner for The Matrix) oversaw the VFX for the entire movie. Jon looks back on this by saying, “The VFX work is superlative, and the success of this is down to us being so closely involved.”

And for all of you who are eager to know more about the conceptual art side of things, this is a good time to mention Prime Focus Art Director Neil Miller. Working closely with director Pete Travis and the film’s Production Designer Mark Digby, Neil was responsible for much of the concept art for “Dredd”, produced in-house at Prime Focus. Together with Jon and the filmmakers, they designed the look of Dredd and Mega City One. For Neil, “Getting involved during the concept stages was hugely advantageous as we could design the look very much with the VFX in mindFrom my point of view, having the chance to work so closely with the creative team to understand the vision for the project was particularly rewarding.”

For those of you who have seen Dredd, I think you’ll agree that the VFX are pretty spectacular. Congrats to Prime Focus on a job well done. We’re loving your work.

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