Prime Focus Effects on 'Total Recall’... Part II

Prime Focus Effects on 'Total Recall’... Part II

Following on from Part I... Of course, the challenging work didn’t stop there. The team was faced with a range of tasks, including the China Falls sequence, creating multiple Synths for the Synth bay as well as getting the reflective metal and shiny plastic surfaces just right. To tackle this, the team customised their pipeline to help make the workload all the more manageable. Alex continued saying...

we developed several tools: a few of them for very hard and extensive body tracking, which was one of the biggest challenges we faced, and a lighting tool (render graph) we developed with the Guerilla development team. The render graph is a system for setting lighting scenes up. The relations between the various elements of the scene are expressed inside a nodal graph instead of hard links or complex scripts. In simple words, you can assign lights, shaders, textures, shader values, render passes and many more things to selected parts of the geometry.

One of the saving graces for this job was how Prime Focus World could spread the workload across three of its facilities (London, Vancouver and Mumbai). Using MASH, an in-house pipeline management system, the London team was able to sync up shots with the other two locations. This made it possible to work on shots simultaneously, which generally involved roto, paint, tracking or body tracking. As each shot was completed they could publish the work, allowing others to know it was ready to be taken through to the next stage of the process.

The Total Recall project may have brought with it some challenges, but it is looked back on with fond memories. Commenting on what it meant for the company as well as the team, Managing Director Martin Hobbs remarked: “The collaboration with DNeg worked very well for us and it was a pleasure opening up our bandwidth and talent across not only London but also Vancouver and Mumbai to complete this project. The work looks absolutely stunning and is testament to the outstanding abilities of the VFX teams we have across Prime Focus World.”

It sure is! And if you’ve not yet had a chance to enjoy this action packed Sci-fi, there’s still time. Get yourself to a cinema screen near you, now!

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