Potential Shortage of Hard Disk Drives

Potential Shortage of Hard Disk Drives

Western Digital, one of the worlds largest hard drive manufacturers, has been badly affected by recent flooding in Thailand where they have two production plants. The one in Bang Pa-in Industrial Park is completely destroyed, with equipment submerged in water. The other in Navanakorn Industrial Park is struggling to keep flooding at bay.

A Western Digital spokesperson has said that this will make a considerable impact on overall operations and strain their ability to meet customer demands in the December quarter.

This incident has already had a direct affect on Pace, a UK based company who depend on Western Digital for hard disk drives. Seagate are the only other company who supply to Pace, and they too have been affected by the flooding, but by no means to the same extent as Western Digital. Pace are now faced with the issue of potentially finding an alternative drive to meet production expectations for December. This is something they are currently working out with Western Digital to approve that drives are within the design of specific products.

It has been a horrendous time for the country which has already suffered greatly. The harsh reality now is that this will have a knock-on effect on both business and commerce and take some time to rebuild.

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