Portrait of an escapee: How Nick Illingworth Became TD at MPC

When Nik Illingworth came to an Open Day last year, he was brimming with CG enthusiasm. He knew that he wanted a career in VFX but didn't really know how he was going to make it happen. After studying for 12 weeks with us, Nik was up and running.  He finished his course, was offered his first job at Frametore and accepted it, then a short while later he decided to come back to us for 6 weeks of final professional training.  He's now Effects Technical Director at MPC and still has the same love for the industry that he started off with. Nik's is one of many stories of CG enthusiasts who come to study with us and that's why we wanted to share his case study with you - getting a career in VFX off the ground really is easier than you think.

Click here to read Nik's case study.

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Miles Pettit
Thu 7 Oct 2010: 11:07am

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  • Paul Ashall:

    Not diggin the layout of his detail information at the beginning and end.. if you haven't got any graphic design skills then don't use them! The vfx work in between this is obviously top class!

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