Please do not pet the animals

Please do not pet the animals

Something different for your viewing pleasure – ingenious Polish artist Marta Klonowska  creates these amazing sculptures from glass, ever seen anything like it? I want one!

Speaking on the 'European Glass Context 2012' site, about her ‘unstrokable’ pet creations,  Klonowska writes…

“My animal figures are all part of historical paintings, where they play a secondary role to the sitters. In my art the animals perform as the principal actor. Animals are difficult to understand and it is difficult to communicate with them. My glass animals open therefore a new reality, which is different from ours. The sitters in the painting, the animals and the audience of my art perform in a kind of theatrical stage, where the different levels become indistinct. This clash of realities should make us think about the uncertainties of life”

What do you think about her inspiration and the fruits of her labour?

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