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I came across a report from NESTA at the weekend which suggested strategies to help the UK remain at the top of global video games development. It makes for interesting reading in light of last week’s announcement on tax relief for the industry.

Playing the Game looks at practical support, such as mentoring and advice, which can help emerging companies grow and compete with overseas rivals – it’s quite long, but for anyone involved in games development it’s definitely worth a read. Its tips on budgeting, raising finance and even setting up your own company are particularly useful.

One of the sections I found most interesting was professionals’ thoughts and predictions for the future of the games industry. For example, Thomas Bidaux, ICO Partners CEO, looked at the consequences of the rapid growth in online gaming and how the ability to self-publish presents a huge opportunity for studios. Meanwhile, Lol Scragg, Cohort Studios CEO, predicted a growth in independent developers as, providing they have the capital to invest in their own projects, their ability to self-publish can now bring huge benefits, which help counter-balance any risks of failure – particularly in retaining control of intellectual property and the potential exploitation of successful IP across other markets adding tremendous value and potential stability.

These are all valid points and I agree with the experts that a continued growth in online gaming and an increase in independent developers will be on the cards, both a result of the increasing ability to self-publish games. What do you reckon?

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