Pixomondo Pick up VFX Oscar®

Pixomondo Pick up VFX Oscar®

Pixomondo’s first Oscar was won for their contribution to Martin Scorcese’s 3D cinematic triumph, Hugo. Visual & Digital Effects Supervisors Ben Grossmann and Alex Henning were there to pick up the award, but the entire Pixomondo worldwide family contributed to the success, including a couple of escapees here in London.

Thierry Hamel is a Stereo Matchmove TD at Pixomondo and took the 12 week VFX Professional course here in 2009. So we asked him how he felt and he was understandably blown away, but the award has also galvanised his ambition,

“Wow! We got Oscar in Visual Effects for Hugo with Pixomondo. Great work by all the Pixomondo family. I hope we’ll get another one…”

Junior Modeller and Texture Artist at Pixomondo, Dean Faulder, studied Maya Core with us for six weeks in 2008, and he also helped in the production. He was equally thrilled,

"I've been very lucky in that Hugo was my first industry job and that my peers trusted me enough to join the asset team from week one, where I was creating various props for in and around the station. While it has been challenging at some points, I enjoyed it immensely and seeing my models, and textures on the big screen were a very proud moment, not to mention the culmination of many years of hard work getting here. To be awarded an Oscar for the VFX work our global team produced has been the cherry on top, and it’s such a great feeling to say - I was a part of it!"

As well as training the VFX stars of the future, Escape Technology team supply the tools of the trade to Soho’s busy post production houses, including Pixomondo. But over in California as the demands on the render farm during production grew to enormous proportions, at one point drawing enough power from the grid to blow two transformers in Burbank, so the rendering of the visual effects was divided across thousands of computers across five cities.

Fortunately, here in London our Director of Technology Richard McGuinness, was able to step in during a crunch time, and boost the render farm’s power, as well as supply them with licences to their renderer of choice VRay.

So our warmest congratulations to not just escapees Thierry and Dean, but also to the entire Pixomondo family for their much deserved Oscar VFX recognition for Hugo, and as Thierry says, here’s looking forward to the next one!

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