Pixels – a must see piece of work

Pixels – a must see piece of work

If you haven’t seen this already from our tweet a while back, you must check out this awesome piece of work from Patrick Jean.

Pixels is a highly viewable re-imaging of the real world in a hyper pixelated format, with form, colour and humour at its heart.

Based on the idea of the invasion of modern day New York by 8-pixel arcade video characters, the piece sees gaming icons like King Kong, PacMan and even falling Tetris shapes, turning New York into a nostalgic low-fi CG landscape in their own unique styles.

Not just a must for old-school arcade fanatics but it shows that the idea of using CG to create realism can be turned completely on its head with amusing and technically impressive results. What an awesome concept.

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Lee Danskin
Fri 7 May 2010: 11:59am

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