Pixar Top 10 Characters

Pixar Top 10 Characters

I like to end a Friday with a chirpy, feel good post. So, following on from my blog yesterday of Pixar’s top 13 movies; I had to post about this second Pixar ranking order. IGN has released their thoughts on who the top 10 Pixar characters are, and I have to say that I am genuinely shocked at who, and where, they have placed certain individuals.

When it comes to characters, I definitely have my favourites, as I’m sure everyone does. Mine tend to be those who make me laugh the most, even if it’s just the occasional one liner.

So, for your ease and convenience, IGN’s top 10 were as follows:

10. Luxo Jr. (Pixar Short)

9. Remy (Ratatouille)

8. Edna Mode (The Incredibles)

7. Eve (Wall-E)

6. Mike Wazowski (Monsters Inc)

5. Mr. Incredible (The Incredibles)

4. Buzz (Toy Story)

3. Dory (Finding Nemo)

2. Wall E (Wall-E)

1. Woody (Toy Story)

I can understand Mike Wazowski, Wall-E and Buzz and Woody but I don’t understand half of the others. They’re good as main characters and they all feature (apart from number 10) in my top 5 Pixar films but as individual characters IGN is missing out on tonnes of top, better characters.  Therefore, may I present to you my top 10:

10. Mr Ray (Finding Nemo)

9. Buzz (Toy Story)

8. Wall E (Wall E)

7. Heimlich (A Bug's Life)

6. Mr Potato Head (Toy Story)

5. Mater (Cars)

4. Roz (Monsters Inc. Please watch and appreciate this video to understand why!)

3. Doug (Up)

2. Hamm (Toy Story)

1. Ken (Toy Story)

I know I said I didn't enjoy A Bug's Life but Heimlich is one of the individual, decent characters I was referring to. If you're unaware of any of the characters in my list or want to know why I find them so brilliant feel free to let me know. Also, if you’ve got a top 10 Pixar characters I would love to find out what they were and why you think they’re better than mine, feel free to post your list in the comments below!

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Sophie Collier
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  • Sophie Collier:

    Hello! Completely understand where you're coming from, this is just my opinion of who my favourites are, I'm not claiming that they are the best at all! Let us know who your favourites are and we'll compare :)

  • mungosparks:

    How can any character from Cars be above Wall E or even Bugs Life?
    Cars should be wiped from the Pixar Legacy. Plus Ken maybe a good number 10 or 9, but 1!? He has 4 or 5 good lines.

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