Pixar's RenderMan Studio 3 is out!

Pixar's RenderMan Studio 3 is out!

RenderMan Studio 3 has arrived and it packs some punch! Speed and lots of features and enhancements, including support for Maya 2011.

RenderMan Studio is Pixar's advanced suite of tools for shading and lighting TD's.

There are too many new things to list in a Blog - so why not take a look here. For those RenderMan for Maya users wondering where V4 is... it's coming... Next week...

Want to get an evaluation? If you are a Freelancer, Company or University why not contact us to arrange?

We are busy trying to complete the Certified Courseware, honestly, it's only taken so long for us to develop because there is simply so much in the release. We expect to finish in late November, it really is a must have for everyone that uses RenderMan.

Note to anyone wanting to learn RenderMan - Do it! Industry is always looking for RenderMan TD's - all over the world. London is always in need of new talent.

Happy rendering and congratulations to Pixar and the RenderMan team! Please note, exisiting customers will need to request their new licenses.

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Mark Cass
Thu 14 Oct 2010: 9:44pm

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  • avnish kumar singh:

    escape studio rocks...

  • avnish kumar singh:

    i want learn this software online... pls tell me about the fee structure of it..

  • Stephen Mangold:

    never learnt animation before, but i definatly want to try and learn this.

  • Andrew Hake:

    Can't wait for the courseware update!

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