Pixar Release RenderMan Pro Server 16

Our friends at Pixar have announced the release of RenderMan Pro Server 16! 

For all of those in the know, this is a pretty significant release as we see the RenderMan team having a major focus on Ray Tracing - currently the buzz words in the rendering industry. Now you really can have it both ways!

Here's the scoop:

  • Fundamental advancements in RenderMan's ray-tracing technology, including a new ray-tracing hider, a radiosity cache, and physically plausible shading, all allowing RenderMan to take full advantage of the ever increasing processing power of multi-core architectures while providing the tools to implement these new features with efficiency and elegance.

  • RenderMan's new progressive ray tracing now provides interactive re-rendering for production shading and lighting.

  • New deep compositing features invaluable for post production while continuing to advance Pixar's point-based rendering technology with full support for spherical harmonics, enhanced threading scalability, all with greatly accelerated performance.

  • Vector textures, major enhancements to realistic motion blur, and much more. A full set of release notes is available from our RenderMan Support Forum.

It's all good! Read the full story here.

All customers who are on current maintenance are automatically entitled to a free upgrade to this release. Please contact
us here to request an updated license. After upgrading you will receive a new serial number tied to your existing license server and download access will be given. 

If your RenderMan licenses are not on current maintenance, upgrade pricing is available Please contact us for assistance with your upgrade or if you are a new customer wanting to evaluate the RenderMan toolsets.

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