Pixar artists grab funding by the horns

Pixar artists grab funding by the horns

These days, it is commonplace for new projects to be funded by creative idea fuelling website – ‘kickstarter’. This is not your only option of funding if you’re a legendary artist from Pixar though.

It was unveiled this week that Robert Kondo (Sets art director – Ratatouille) and Dice Tsutsumi (Art director, Toy Story 3) are producing an independent short film, and to help fund the project, they are putting some of their exploratory sketches under the hammer.

This direct method of funding saves the artists fees charged by kickstarter, and as well as saving them money, saves them the huge amount of time it takes to create and maintain a successful kickstarter campaign, who needs the middle man?

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Robert Broadbent
Tue 19 Feb 2013: 9:53am

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