Pixar Announce RenderMan for Maya 5!

Pixar Announce RenderMan for Maya 5!

Our friends at Pixar have announced that the release of RenderMan for Maya 5 is being planned for this autumn.

This is a pretty significant release as we see that the RenderMan team have now leveraged the new RenderMan Pro Server 16 features and put that under the hood of RenderMan for Maya. That can only mean that RenderMan Studio will not be that far behind...

Here are the details of the release for RenderMan for Maya 5:

  • A new ray-tracing hider, a radiosity cache, and physically plausible shading.
  • RenderMan's new progressive ray tracing now provides interactive re-rendering for production shading and lighting utilised in Toy Story 3 and Cars 2
  • New deep compositing features invaluable for post production while continuing to advance Pixar's point-based rendering technology with full support for spherical harmonics, enhanced threading scalability, all with greatly accelerated performance

Pixar is also making the process of learning RenderMan easier than ever before by offering free access to the RenderMan's Certified Courseware. We know a lot about this courseware, because we actually developed it! This is an incredibly useful resource for anyone wishing to learn RenderMan or anyone working with RenderMan on a day to day basis and it is freely accessible to all RenderMan customers. The courseware delivers production-focused techniques and insights from the world's most accomplished visual effects and feature animation experts.

To complement the free availability of the RenderMan Certified Courseware, Pixar also announced a new student package consisting of RenderMan Pro Server, RenderMan Studio, and RenderMan for Maya, all priced at only $199 for a renewable one-year subscription.

RenderMan for Maya 5.0 will be compatible with the current versions of Maya on 64-bit Microsoft Windows And Mac OS X. Additional platforms may become available according to demand. Upgrade pricing from earlier versions of RenderMan for Maya will be announced upon release.

For any assistance concerning sales, maintenance, operating system compatibility, evaluation licenses, or any other questions about Pixar's RenderMan, please contact us.

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