Pipeline In Your Pocket

Pipeline In Your Pocket

Fed up of being tied to your computer in case your rendering fails? PipelineFX and Qube! have found a solution to that problem.

Allowing on-the-go rendering, the Qube! MobileView App allows you to monitor and manage your rendering from anywhere, using your smartphone. Be able to control rendering tasks like killing or re-trying failed frames and render queue management or customise MobileView’s functions to suit the needs of your workflow.

MobileView is 100% Python scripted, 100% SSL secure and no configuration necessary.  Did I also mention that it is free to download for all Qube! users with a subscription and those working with Qube! 6.0?

For more information check out PipelineFX’s website or if you are heading over to SIGGRAPH stop by booth #516 to see Qube! MobileView, Qube! ArtistView and QBLocker demos.

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Tim Flett
Wed 1 Aug 2012: 11:30am

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