Photoshop goes (even more) 3D

Photoshop goes (even more) 3D

Fans of 3D and users of Photoshop will be delighted this week, with the announcement that 'Photoshop CS6 Extended' is on the market, it allows you to create 3D shape text using extrusions as a 3D layer... "similar to CS4 Extended" I hear you say! But alas, according to this write up, we are told that this works far more 'natively', with 'the usability you’d expect from an integrated Adobe toolset'.

Their site further informs us that “Photoshop CS6 Extended is not merely capable of extruding shapes, paths, text, marquee selections, and layers. It also offers a wide range of ways to create 3D meshes and import 3D models. More importantly, it provides an excellent toolset and workflow for lighting your 3D scenes, creating textures, manipulating 3D objects, and performing other tasks that are unique to 3D design, there are simply too many 3D tools, functions, and concepts to cover in a single tutorial” 

Be sure to head on over for the tutorial and don’t forget to become a member of Adobe Creative Cloud and download the trial version, to see what all the hype is about!

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Dom Davenport
Thu 7 Feb 2013: 10:07am

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