Phoneblocks; shut up and take my money!

Phoneblocks; shut up and take my money!

The Internet's a crazy thing, I'm sure you've noticed. Almost exclusively powered by cats, it's an open source forum for anyone anywhere to do anything any time. Some people make great videos, some make awesome tunes, but what fascinates me if when people use it to create businesses.

Crowd-sourcing is a thing now; it's just part of the new world order. Sites like Kickstarter enabled people to go onto the interwebs and announce that they have an amazing idea that they simply can't afford to make, and can you help? And some incredible creations have come from crowd funding; Freddie Wong's Video Game High School was helped by its fans, Richard Garriott was able to create Shroud of the Avatar thanks to gamers around the world, even Kristen Bell tugged on people's heartstrings and is now making a movie about Veronica 'Why Won't That Show Die' Mars.

It's incredible to me that people can ask the internet public for help to make a project with nothing more than a great idea and a 2 minute video pledge and achieve their goals. And what even more interesting is discovering a site like Thunderclap and how it can help businesses too.

Thunderclap is like Kickstarter but without the money. All they want is permission to access your Facebook and Twitter to send a unified message out on the social media platforms all at once. And in the case of Phoneblocks, that time is October 29th, at 10am.

Phoneblocks is a brilliant idea, a 'make your own phone' from predetermined blocks that slot into a motherboard. Like taking pictures? Loose the Bluetooth block and get a bigger camera block. Keep your files on the Cloud? Take out your internet storage and get a bigger battery size. Phoneblock seems to allow you to create a phone based on your own wants and needs.

All they've asked is to post on my social media pages, once, in a month's time, to try and get the attention of investors, and not only have I signed up, but so many other people have that we've broken the website. As soon as it gets back online, you should jump on and sign up too; there is a man out there who wants to help you build a phone that will stay alive for longer than 20 hours and he's not even asking for your money.

The internet truly is a great thing.

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Thu 12 Sep 2013: 12:42pm

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