Phoenix FD 2.0 Release

Phoenix FD 2.0 Release

Chaos Group recently released Phoenix FD 2.0, the latest version for their grid based simulator. This latest version now comes with liquids, foam & splashes simulation capabilities, a particle shader and GPU preview improvements.

Up until now, Phoenix FD was the 3ds Max plug-in that allowed artists to simulate fire, smoke and haze with speed and accuracy. Through out the development of Phoenix FD, a unique approach has been taken to improve the simulation core. Powerful optimisations internally reduce the calculation times, while also keeping the whole simulation physically accurate. With liquid, foam and splash simulation capabilities, it is now possible to simulate additional processes like pressure decay, thermal radiation cooling, and mass-temperature relation. The new foam and splashes particle shader also offers you more control when shading via the new simulation core.

With the new GPU preview function, you will find set up times for rendering flames and other emissions significantly faster. Get instant feedback for each render as your simulation is automatically saved as a PNG file in the simulation directory. This function also supports lighting and diffuse colour shading.

This is quite a substantial list of improvement to this product, and we hope you get the reap the benefits soon. If you bought Phoenix FD between 1st September and 21st November 2011, you are entitled to a free upgrade. Get in touch with our technology team to find out more.

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