• Phil Radford

Phil Radford


Had you always wanted a career in this industry?

I'd always wanted to make a movie, but the reality wasn't as simple as the dream. I was confused about what I could do to get into the movie industry, but I discovered that the parts in the movies I enjoyed best were the CG elements.

How did you find out about Escape, and what was it like?

I searched for the ultimate place to learn everything under one roof. It was important to learn in a short space of time as I needed to keep my family fed. I found Escape and called for a Studio Tour and to have a chat about my needs. After meeting and explaining my areas of interest I could see that they meant business.

What happened after the course?

I spent about 2 months trying to improve my skills. I literally locked myself into a room with Maya and my friends I had met at Escape on MSN. I got involved with a non-profit project which led to a job in a 3D comic. From there I worked at Escape on the 'Tycoon City New York' game. After that I went to work at BBC Sport, did some freelance projects and eventually ended up here in news.

What advice would you give any prospective students?

Don't ever give up trying. Work just as hard, if not harder, after leaving Escape as you did on your course. If you look at your work and can see it could be better then make it so. If your work is good then a job will follow. Your work ethic and your attitude to your colleagues are as important as the quality of your work.