• Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison is the perfect example that no matter what your professional background, if you want a career badly enough, you can succeed. A successful Maya Generalist for the last 8 years, Paul has had a long meandering career in a range of areas, including Exhibiting Artist, Children’s Book Illustrator, Philosophy Tutor, Graphic Designer, Courts Administrator and Sound Technician.

We first met Paul around 9 years ago when he joined Escape as a student, looking to learn Maya and embark on a new chapter in his creative career. And since leaving the classroom Paul has gone on to work with some of the greats in the industry, turning his creative talent to a range of fun VFX and animation projects.

Th1ng Studios, Disney Channel, Smoke and Mirrors, BBC and Mainframe are just a few of the great companies Paul has worked with over the years, during which time he’s become a Maya master, securing Senior 3D Generalist and Lead Animator roles.

Following a successful career in VFX, we’re delighted to welcome Paul back as one of our VFX tutors for the Online Academy. His industry experience and incredible work ethic is perfect for the teaching environment we strive to create for our students. As a tutor, Paul has been enjoying meeting a variety of new talent and enthusiasm, filling him with great optimism for the future.

Although a tutor here at Escape, Paul continues to work on personal projects in his spare time, allowing him to flex those creative muscles. For him this is essential for being the best tutor he can be, as it’s only when you involve yourself with new projects, that what you teach remains relevant. And this personal project is currently creating shows for children’s television.