Partysaurus Rex!

Partysaurus Rex!

Like many other film fans, my journey with Pixar’s original animation classic Toy Story, has been an emotional one. From the age of 5 I’ve watched every instalment of the Toy Story trilogy, each time within a week of its release at the cinema, even the third, which as a 20 year old I saw in 3D, twice.

Being a near lifelong fan I have, naturally, watched these films countless amounts of times on VHS and DVD, and so you can imagine how very happy I was, when I came across this tickling 30 second clip, of one of our favourite members of the Gang – Rex. Toy Story fans have been given the chance to watch Rex have an adventure of his very own, as Pixar released Finding Nemo 3D, on September 14th. Prefixed by this bath time based short ‘Partysaurus Rex’.

Already there are couple of classic Rex one liners, great news all round! Well it is if you live in the US, unfortunately Rex isn’t expected to cross the pond until March next year, 5 months that are sure to feel like infinity, and dare I say it, beyond.   

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Thu 20 Sep 2012: 10:00am

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