Pacific Rim, how does it look?

Pacific Rim, how does it look?

Pacific Rim, the mad Japanese Kaiju style monster movie by Guillermo del Toro sounds like it’s crazy fun and action packed, judging from some early reviews we’ve read this week online.

Tweeters have taken to their accounts so say “Pacific Rim is Awesome !!!!” “Pacific Rim is the best movie of 2013 so far IMO” “Pacific rim was intense!!!!” now we have cherry picked the more positive tweets there, but we can’t imagine that giant aliens coming out of the ocean to do combat with equally giant robots will be anything less than epic!

Here’s a spoiler free interview from Wired with del Torro himself along with VFX supervisor John Knoll (brother of famous Photoshop inventor Thomas Knoll, if you didn’t know already) in which the pair discuss the lighting and colour in the movie.

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