Over the Top Shots (revisited)

Over the Top Shots (revisited)

We all know the importance good VFX play in films. They can turn scenes of total disbelief into ones leaving you asking how on earth did they do that?

But there is a limit when our minds will switch off and say ‘that just wouldn’t happen?’  A few films have VFX scenes that are quite frankly just a tad too far-fetched to be believable.

From cars crashing through restaurant windows and the hero pulling the girl out of the way - [whilst spinning out of its path in mid-air...keeping totally calm and getting up as if this happened all the time] (Spider Man 2), to someone who took a very wrong turn and drove all the way around the side of a building (Day Watch) therefore rubbishing Sir Isaac Newton’s laws of gravity…some VFX shots are what are known as Over the Top Shots.

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