Out with a bang

Out with a bang

Even if you only managed to catch a glimpse of yesterday’s Olympic closing ceremony – there’s no way you couldn’t have been impressed. What a party! From the rollerblading nuns (Surely genius in their own right?), to a bus ride with our very own modern day Willy Wonka, Russell Brand – it was certainly memorable to say the least. Damien Hirst brought the stage together with one of his signature Spin paintings – signalling the importance and influence of British art across the globe. Like religion, it divides and conquers and in this case, it achieved the latter.

Celebrating some of our greatest exports – the music was a lesson in pop extravaganza; The Who, Elbow, Fatboy Slim, Muse, Kasier Cheifs, Jessie J, Tinie Tempah, Take That and let’s not forget those five little girl powered beauties; The Spice Girls. It was a great ending (perhaps the latest beginning) for what has been a fantastic two weeks for Great Britain. We’ve done ourselves proud and I couldn’t help but put a post together congratulating the athletes that are now celebrated house-hold names. But it’s the people that have really made it such a success. The volunteers (many friends that I know performed last night after weeks of gruelling rehearsals) and it really does evoke memories of camaraderie from those Kitchener poster years – your country does and always will need you. Go GB.

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