Our Second Visit to the Framestore London Studio

Our Second Visit to the Framestore London Studio

I have found that there are many advantages to studying at Escape Studios. Aside from the obvious vast amount of knowledge that you acquire, you also get to visit and meet some very cool places and people. Last Friday we had the pleasure of visiting Framestore for a presentation with Ben Frost and Chas Jarrett to hear about their experiences working on the second Sherlock Holmes movie - A Game of Shadows. In particular, they discussed with us the typical hurdles and constraints they came across and what we as VFX artists may expect to experience working in the VFX industry.

The shots they were mainly focused on were the ‘Shush Club’ scene where a digital set extension had to be produced, the infamous train sequence which was by far the single longest section and required the most work, the castle where Professor James Moriarty's master plan was to be executed and the fantastic finale waterfall shot of Mr Holmes and Moriarty apparently falling to their demise.

Ben served as Effects Technical Director for this film and had a hand in all of the major scenes that required work by the guys and girls at Framestore. Ben and Chas Jarrett, VFX Supervisor, shared the specific challenges that individual shots presented and in particular the end shot in which Sherlock and Moriarty fall from the castle balcony down the waterfall, a scene that required crucial attention to detail. They also told us how they needed to come up with different solutions for the task at hand, letting us into some industry secrets. Afterwards there was a Q&A session where the students and the tutors got to ask questions on their work on Sherlock Holmes as well as general questions about working at Framestore, where they think the industry is heading and what we should have in our showreels for particular job roles.

Overall it was a fantastic experience visiting Framestore once again and one which I know everyone enjoyed massively and learnt a lot from. So thank you to Ben and Chas for the presentation and Framestore for allowing us the experience!

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